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The name says everything ... "Cortijo El Paraíso Tropical"


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Who we are?
Traditionally, Andalusian families, particularly families from the villa of Torrox, used to spend the winter or summer seasons in houses located in the countryside, normally known as "Cortijos", in order to gather olives or grapes between others fruits from the season. Consequently, almost each family in Torrox owned a house or "Cortijo" outside the village for this purpose. Our family has used this ancient tradition in Torrox in order to offer our customers a renewed version of "the Andalusian Cortijo" with the only aim of assuring your relax and enjoyment.

The first villa was built between the years 1985-1990, is the house that we called "Cortijo Del Monte". All the family contributed on building up the house, Mom, Dad and the kids, with the aim of enjoying weekends and holidays in the house... but only until the children grew up.

By chance, and coinciding with this time, a travel agent, who knew about our house, proposed us to rent the house; according to his opinion, the villa had all the optimal conditions to be offered as a house to rent. Consequently, we finally decided to rent it and since then our only goal is to offer the best service and comfort.

Afterwards, between the years 1998-2005, other villas were built up, as the ones called "Cortijo El Paraíso", "Cortijo Los Almendrales" and "Cortijo Del Sol". It is still a family business, Mom is responsible for cleaning inside the house and taking care of all the minimum details for keeping the charm inside home; on the other hand, Dad takes care of all exterior areas, as gardens, growing up trees and flowers, watering plants and cleaning and keeping the pool; and finally, the kids, that now are adults, particularly Carlos, is responsible for the design and diffusion of the villas in all the national and international websites.

In High Season, July and August, the whole family contributes to the cleaning and getting ready the villas.

Our only objective is to offer the best, so we do not scrimp on efforts or expenses to achieve that you finally enjoy the comfort, relax and charm of our villas.

Be really welcome and we invite you to enjoy the sun and our villas with Andalusian flavour.

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